In taking a look at this blog I realise that its been over two years since I added a post. I suppose life has gotten busier in that time and I wasn’t sure what to add that would be interesting to read.

I still don’t know what to add. My artistic endeavors  continue with still teaching two community art classes (as a ministry through my church, not as a job). I am also still painting, mostly in acrylics these days although I miss oils so much I think the next work I do might be in that medium.

I have set up a Bluethumb store in that time also and have sold a couple of original works through that. I would like to sell more.

Currently I have the feeling of a dilemma. Selling art is hard. Not selling art means cash-flow to buy materials is not there. It makes an artist feel very stuck. I am working on what I need to do to improve my original sales although doing this regularly has not made much of an improvement, well none. Sounds very dreary I know, what’s that about the struggling artist? Its all true. However, this doesn’t put me off painting entirely.

Suggestions have been made on how to become known. Approach a gallery (nope), approach a local coffee shop (hmmmmm), enter more local shows ($$?). There are lots of obstacles but in the meantime I’ll paint as much as I can.

You can still find me on instagram and facebook and also twitter. I hope to update more but we will see!

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