Art at Cockatoo Island

iphone Jan 2015 110During the school holidays we spent a day exploring Cockatoo Island properly. We had been there once before but there was a festival on so we couldn’t go to one whole side of the island. I love history so this was a really great day even though it was quite warm. If you don’t know anything about Cockatoo Island, take a look at their website here.

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There was a fantastic photographic history exhibition on in the main house showing photos of the many years that the island was used as a shipbuilding yard, especially during the war years. Alongside this, tucked away in a little room was the work of Bill Nix who recorded memories of working on Cockatoo Island through his paintings.

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His paintings are engaging and interesting with amazing stories told in each (and a touch of humour). Here’s a few that we saw there (click on the image to see a bigger picture):


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