Trail Notes June 10

This week I seemed to do a bit less painting (well, there was a long weekend in there!). I did get some done however as well as enjoy a bit of reading as I purchased the latest Australian Artist, Artist’s Palette and Art Almanac magazines.

I managed to start a new painting this week, a landscape where the main subject is the dusk light. Everything in the image has a strange orange hue which I love.  The reference photos for this were taken a few years ago when we took a trip out to a friends place in Buntine, Western Australia. I loved the way the dusk light shone glowed on the already harvested wheat stalks.

Amanda Hunt landscape3Initial watercolour sketch to map out the image.

Amanda Hunt landscape2

Amanda Hunt landscape4

Amanda Hunt landscapeWhile I have been painting this, I’ve been busy prepping a watercolour sheet with some experimental food dyes, fruit teas and black tea mainly. I have simply been dropping the fruit tea onto the paper throughout the week once I’d finished with them in the pot and let it sit (the actual tea, not the watery tea you drink). I love the end result and will have to think about what I paint/draw on this. I hope to do some more of these as I go along.

Amanda Hunt watercolourFinally, we went into to Sydney yesterday and dropped in to the Museum of Contemporary Art. We managed to see some of the Sydney Biennale works that were on display there. One room has the entire floor covered in colourful tape. Its amazing the effect this has on visitors who can’t help but lie on the floor and take photos (ourselves included!). I think that was my favourite out of the works we saw.

Amanda Hunt Biennale3

Amanda Hunt Biennale4

Amanda Hunt Biennale

Amanda Hunt Biennale5So, that was the trail for me this week, not a lot but still, taking steps forward even if I’m shuffling along at times.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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