Trail Notes June 22

My main focus for the last week was finishing my painting of the wheat-belt sunset and I spent a few hours getting the trees in the driveway to a point that I was happy with them. I have really enjoyed working on this painting and plan to do a few more of this size, shape and theme. Here’s the finished result:

Amanda Hunt wheat1

Amanda Hunt wheat3

Amanda Hunt wheat2

I spent some time in my RedBubble Shop checking how the new tote bags look, here are a few examples of my work on the tote bags:

photo 2 photo 1 6 (2) 6 (1)

This week I discovered a brilliant Australian artist this week who’s work I’m sure I have seen many times without knowing who’s it was, William T Cooper. He is a bird painter from Cairns and his work is beautiful. I loved the program on ABC showing how he put together works for an exhibition in Morpeth NSW. We have visited the gallery there and it was amazing to see people rushing to buy his work. You can watch the story here.

I did a bit of playing around with my macro attachment lens for my iphone this week which is always fun. Here’s a few shots I took:

Amanda Hunt macroAmanda Hunt macro2








The last thing I have done this past week was to spend some time prepping canvases for two upcoming art events. The first is the Shoalhaven Open Art Exhibition and the second is the Oatley 101 Sale. Almost all the works have hanging attachments and labels now as well as being varnished. I have two that I am going to finish off this week and then I’m done.

7 (2)

Amanda Hunt varnishHere are my two entries for the Shoalhaven Open Art Exhibition:

Amanda Hunt bush Amanda Hunt Together.jpg






So, all in all a busy art week for me. The trail was quite interesting this week with lots of extras to see and do.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit



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