Trail Notes March 17

My artistic week is becoming a bit routine and as much as that suits me, I will need to break the routine a bit soon with some gallery visits. There was one thing this week which was quite un-routined and new, for the first time I have had artwork framed professionally. Its an expensive exercise but it was a requirement for entering this particular section of the Easter show this year. I collected my poultry art paintings from the framers and I am amazed at how beautifully dressed they look! Here they are:

Amanda Hunt poultry

Amanda Hunt poultry6 Amanda Hunt poultry2 Amanda Hunt poultry3 Amanda Hunt poultry4 Amanda Hunt poultry7These will be delivered alongside my entry for the regular art section of the show next week.

I set aside the portrait I’ve been working on this week to play around with some images I found of my daughters twirling and wearing dressups. I need to do more like this and see where it takes me but this is what I came out with so far:

Amanda Hunt twirl Amanda Hunt twirl2The top one is oil on canvas. The bottom one is water soluble graphite, gouache and watercolour on stretched watercolour paper. Both were done for this weeks 52 week illustration challenge with the theme night.

Amanda Hunt classLast but not least was art class. My term 2 students have been learning the basics of painting while the newer students focused on texture this week. I am excited to be starting up kids art classes next term.

So that was the week, busy with a lot of things (and I was sick for much of the week) but still enough time to paint.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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