Trail Notes March 2

What a busy week I’ve had (and am having again this week!). Between things I did manage to put my painting into the Waterbrook Art Exhibition at Yowie Bay. From the look of things when I returned on Sunday to pick the painting up, it was a great success with a few hundred paintings entered. I worked some more this week on my portrait which is coming along slowly between all the extra things and we had our fourth art class lesson this week with some students doing painting for the first time and others continuing on with line drawing. Here are some shots from this week:

IMG_5226With my painting ‘Into The River’ at the Waterbrook Exhibition.

Amanda Hunt portrait Amanda Hunt portrait2 Amanda Hunt portrait3

1 (7) Amanda Hunt coffeeThis week’s 52 week illustration entry, theme: Coffee. Painted using coffee and fine liner.

IMG_5230Art class went well this week with some students starting acrylic painting.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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