Trail Notes November 9

Considering I spent a total of half an hour painting in the past week, I still managed to do other art related activities. I had a friend staying with us for the last week and we managed to squeeze in a trip to the Art Gallery of NSW on Friday to see the Pop to Popism exhibition that is currently showing there. So, here is my art journey along the trail for this week.

IMG_2473IMG_2474IMG_2475 FullSizeRenderI do remember studying Pop are briefly when I was at uni but that particular era didn’t appeal to me so I took very little notice. I came out of this exhibition with a new respect for Andy Warhol and what he was trying to do with his art. One of the pieces both myself and my friend found the most poignant was the photomontage series by Martha Rosler depicting every day American life in the 60s with images from the Vietnam war spliced into the background. You can see the works here.

We also wandered around the more traditional painting areas of the gallery as my friend hadn’t seen the famous Australian paintings (such as McCubbin’s ‘On the Wallaby Track’ )before. I took some photos of landscapes that were particularly great at capturing the effects of light. Here’s a couple of (very rough) photos I took:

IMG_2489 IMG_2491 IMG_2492The colours in the first one stood out because they are so similar to the painting I did a month or two ago:

Amanda Hunt sun2Of course I can learn an awful lot by looking at that artist’s work and I plan to do so in the near future. I loved the clouds in the second painting.

Today I managed to get in half an hour of painting, the only painting I’ve done all week. This is the update on my current work:

Amanda Hunt flowerpic Amanda Hunt 2Not quite finished of course but hopefully I will get time this week to continue with this one.

This coming week I am going to sit down and work out the exhibitions I need to be thinking about or applying for starting from January. There are already three that I would like to apply for.  I had some good news this week that my catalogue has been printed (by my parents who are printers) and I will be able to see them in person in two weeks time! After that of course I’ll have to work out what to do with them!

Lastly, I have gradually been adding images to RedBubbles’ most recent addition, Mugs. I have a section in my shop for these which you can find here.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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