Trail Notes October 6

Its been three and a bit weeks since my last trail notes update, main reason being that it was the school holidays and this household was very busy. I did however have quite a busy ‘art’ three weeks too.

Apart from painting and sketching I was informed that my five animal themed entries were accepted into the Cruelty Free Festival Art Show which will be on October 26th.  My painting ‘A Fresh Moment in Time’ was also delivered to the St George Art Awards. The details for that show are as follows:

St George Art Awards

Hurstville museum and Gallery 14 MacMahon Street, Hurstville

Saturday 18 October – Sunday 14 December 2014

This is my entry:

Amanda Hunt sun

Finally (as far as art awards go) I sent in my two entries (photos of) for the Hornsby Art Prize. Of course I have no idea at all whether I will be accepted into the prize so its wait and see. Here are my two entries:Amanda Hunt paintingAmanda Hunt sun2

During the first week of the school holidays I got out the pencils and moleskine and did some sketching using blurry (as in not very sharp) photos for reference. here’s a couple that I did:Amanda Hunt sketchAmanda Hunt sketch2
I did these while we were away and as soon as we got back I was itching to pick up the paints so I painted this study:

Amanda Hunt closedAmanda Hunt closed2

It was after that I returned to finishing off my painting for the Hornsby Art Prize. When that was done in week two I started a small square journey canvas. For some reason it just wasn’t working. I spent way too long getting the building to look right and then realised my colours were all off. As you can see, it did start out ok but it was all downhill from here:

Amanda Hunt street

In the end I set it aside and got out one of my pre-prepared canvases to work on another for my journey portraits series. This is the result of that:

Amanda Hunt journey1Amanda Hunt journey2I now have five canvases in this series.

Finally, we did go into the city a couple of times and were able to catch the performance art ‘Trolleys’ as part of Art & About Sydney. It was interesting to say the least. I did enjoy it but I did catch myself thinking ‘I am sitting here watching people dance with shopping trolleys’ one time. However, it proves how an every day object can be personified and turned into a great piece of performance art.

Amanda Hunt artnaboutSo, the trail continued along even with my blogging absence. For those who read my posts (and I’m not sure anyone does!), thank you for your patience.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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