Trail Notes September 9

I have had a busy painting week between juggling sickness and party preparation for my daughter. In-between those two things I have managed to do a couple of paintings which are both for specific upcoming art prizes that I’d like to put work into.

Firstly, I completed the fifth painting for the Cruelty Free Festival Art Show. I now have four chicken paintings and one goose painting which I have entered for judging for selection into the show. After they were finished I took reasonable photos of them and filled in the application form so now its wait and see. The festival is on October 26th, details here. Here is my completed rooster and a general shot of what’s on my drying board at the moment:

Amanda Hunt roosterAmanda Hunt studioview

I have also been thinking for a while as to what to paint for the upcoming Hornsby Art Prize which was the first juried art prize that I gained acceptance into last year.  Last year my entry was 30cm x 30cm so this time I have decided to go a bit bigger. This work is 30″ x 40″, oil on wide edged canvas:

Amanda Hunt cows5 Amanda Hunt cows6 Amanda Hunt cows2 Amanda Hunt cows3 Amanda Hunt cows Amanda Hunt cows4I have added a few trees on the distant hills which helped to finish it off. I THINK its finished but it will sit there for a while (well, at least until a bit before the deadline) before I decide.

Amanda Hunt viewFinally, we all drove down to Kiama again this weekend to collect my daughter’s and my artwork from the Kiama Art Exhibition. Our experience entering there was really great. The members were very friendly and accommodating as well as encouraging towards my daughter as this was her first time entering an art show. That view is the one from the lookout in the Budderoo National Park where we drove through on our way back.

I now have three art shows I am hoping to have work over the coming months. I am not sure that I will be accepted into the St George Art Prize but I tried anyway. I have five works I have tried for in the Cruelty Free Festival and finally, I will enter this painting as well as one other into the Hornsby Art Prize. I think I will have made my goal of entering double the amount of art prizes that I did last year by the end but we will see. I never assume I am going to be accepted into an art prize but I try anyway.

That’s it for now, there may not be so much painting in the coming weeks as we are edging closer to the school holidays but hopefully there will still be plenty of art exploring, sketching and reading.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit





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