Chuck Close at the MCA

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Mum and I in front of some of his works (as you can see we dressed as twins that day for some reason Ha!)

For my birthday in December (seeing as it was a particular milestone) my Mum took me to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney to see the Chuck Close exhibition. We had a blissful couple of hours exploring the work of this amazing artist. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time although I admit that my knowledge of his work was limited to uni text books. Mum hadn’t heard of him before so she didn’t know that I really liked his work. I love painting portraits so naturally I’m drawn to Chuck Close and the way he manages to reinvent the portrait over and over.

I was totally blown away by the variety of methods he has used to create his work. From straight painting to tapestries, from paper mache to computers and from mezzotint to fingerprints  he really does utilise everything!

I would highly recommend going to see this exhibition while its in Sydney. It closes in March so there is still time. I still might go and see the exhibition again seeing as the other part of my present was membership to the gallery.

Here’s a few photos I took of his work:

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