Trail Notes April 1

This week I got some exciting news. Actually I had to do a bit of searching to  find this out but I discovered that I have come second in the Sydney Royal Easter Show poultry art section. I entered five paintings and it was ‘Mr Gander’ who has received the second placing. This is my first ever win of any sort in an art competition and a pretty exciting one to start with! We dropped the paintings off about a week ago and this weekend I hope to go in and have a look. This is Mr Gander:

Amanda Hunt Mr GanderI’ll be sure to get a photo of myself next to him when we visit the show.

This week I have also worked on two entries for the 52 week illustration challenge, the first being ‘costume’ for last week and the next being ‘transport’ for this week. Both were done in watercolour on stretched paper:

Amanda Hunt clown2 Amanda Hunt transport2I have added these to my RedBubble shop and you can purchase these on a variety of products.

Here’s a couple of shots taken while painting these:

Amanda Hunt transport Amanda Hunt clownI did a bit of sketching in my notebook this week, referencing the ginger plant I always see in far north Queensland:

Amanda Hunt gingerFinally, we had the last art class for the term. My newer students looked at colour, particularly complimentary, warm and cool colours. They seemed to enjoy themselves. Next term I will be starting a kids class at church which should be interesting.

2 (4) Amanda Hunt classSo this week was a bit busy, especially seeing as we were all on camp for the weekend but there was still plenty of art to be done (including not shown sketches while at camp!).

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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