Trail Notes April 14 (a few days late)

School holidays is upon us which means a little bit of a pit-stop along the path this week. Pit-stops have their benefits too and for me, that’s been spending a bit more time adventuring with my young adventurers! This is why this post is a bit late and its also why I’m going to include everything up until Tuesday the 15th this week as that’s when the most exciting thing happened. We will get to that….

One of the first things I did last week was to take some photos of my work which was ready to be for sale on this site. You can find seven new paintings added here.

I set to work on two small paintings (which will eventually go into the shop) inspired by my latest visit to Cairns earlier this year.

Amanda Hunt cairns

Amanda Hunt cairns2The second one isn’t quite finished yet.

Next I started a small painting of Sydney Cove from a shot I took near Taronga Zoo Ferry stop this year. I’m still working on this one:

Amanda Hunt Sydney CAmanda Hunt Sydney C2Progress shot, the colour difference is due to the lighting change.

Once the school holidays started last Friday I haven’t had a lot of painting time but this week we went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show as one of my paintings was accepted to be hung! I was quite excited about this but also I was hoping to meet Mellissa Read-Devine, a wonderful Sydney artist who I have been following online. She had mentioned she would be on the Derivan stand so once I worked out where that was I was able to meet her. It was so encouraging chatting with Mellissa and also the other artist who was there too (Erica I think). They gave me a lot of advice including ‘don’t concentrate, just keep doing what you are doing, its working’, which I’ll take to heart. Thanks Mellissa for taking the time to chat to me and making me feel accepted as an artist. I was a bit too shy to ask for a photo of us together but as proof, here are the goodies they gave me:

Amanda Hunt eastershow4

After a short search I managed to find my painting hanging in the portrait section.  It was so exciting to see my work hung in such a public gallery.

Amanda Hunt eastershowTop left is my work, ‘Lucinda’.

It wasn’t until later that I realised that my other entry had been hung. I had received notification that it wasn’t accepted into the show so I was shocked when walking along the landscape section I saw my piece!

Amanda Hunt eastershow3

It was such a great day wandering the show grounds with our kids, enjoying everything it has to offer.  Being chicken owners we spent a bit of time in the Poultry section of the show and lo and behold, there is a poultry art section!! I just might enter that next year just for fun!

Amanda Hunt eastershow2

So that was the show. It was exciting, encouraging and fun and we are so glad we went.

Earlier in the week, before we got worn out with walking the showgrounds, my girls and I decorated some eggs (using our own chook eggs of course) and this is how they turned out. Some practical household art is always on the list for the school holidays:

Amanda Hunt easter

So that was the trail for this week. I started out calling it a bit of a painting pit-stop but really, it was just another little side trail in the adventurous path.

Until next week,

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit


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