Trail Notes August 25

I am writing this a day late, filling in my trail notes post totally slipped my mind yesterday! This past week I have been busy with a few new artworks and am quite happy with the results. My eldest daughter and I have spent some time together in the studio as she painted her first work for an art prize entry. She and I will be entering a piece each into the Kiama Art Society’s Annual exhibition this week. She’s very excited about it and already has it in her head that if it doesn’t sell (all work had to be for sale) she will enter it into a different art prize! Here’s her working away:

Amanda Hunt daughterNext week I might share a photo of the work hung if we make it down to Kiama for the show. We might go down towards the end of the exhibition instead.  I have been prepping both works for entry so there has been a bit of this going on:

photo 4Last week I shared a few photos of my new series of work which explores facial expressions and their relationship with the background. I have set myself a limited palette and added a fourth painting to the series this week:

Amanda Hunt portraitAmanda Hunt portrait2I am loving this series so far but I have had to put it on hold as I discovered another art show I can enter during this past week.

The 2014 Cruelty Free Festival is running an art show which is free to enter. Each work will be assessed by a panel and selected works will be hung. They all need to be for sale and a percentage will be nominated by the artist to go to Animal Liberation NSW. I am entering up to five works. I have decided to focus on chickens (which I love to paint!) and have already got one painting to enter. I have added two more so far which are about 90% finished to the pile this week:

Amanda Hunt chook2 Amanda Hunt chook1 Amanda Hunt chook3I have really enjoyed this sidetrack from my landscapes and portraits.

This past week I have filled in my application for the St George Art Awards which are to be held later this year. I’m not confident I will get in but I would really like to.

So that’s three I am working towards at the moment alongside adding to my series of work. I have the Hornsby Art Prize entry to sort out soon too!

Amanda Hunt quiet3This was another landscape touching on the theme of ‘journey’ that I have been working on this week. This was the start of the work. I loved painting this, it was as serene and quiet (and good for my introverted soul) as it looks. I painted it top down in ribbons of colour. Here’s the end result:

Amanda Hunt quiet4 Amanda Hunt quiet2 Amanda Hunt quiet1Finally, this weekend gone we went to a local primary school for their fete. Sydney schools seem to do fetes really HUGE and there were a lot of things to do and eat! They had the obligatory white elephant stall which I always look for treasures in and I found these two  amongst a few other purchases:

Amanda Hunt opI’m a sucker for old office stationery and desk supplies so I couldn’t resist the wooden paper tray!

Well, its been a busy art week for me, how’s your week been? Feel free to leave a comment so I know you are there and can say hi!

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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