Trail Notes March 10

Last week was a little bit busy, there were many many extra things in our week which resulted in a smidge less arty time. However, I did manage to do some painting (4 hours straight one day only) and do my illustration for the week’s theme, texture. This coincided nicely with what I was teaching in our art class this week…..texture!

Amanda Hunt Kezi2Amanda Hunt Kezi1A bit of work on the portrait I’m playing around with right now. Plenty to go.

Amanda Hunt watercolour1 Amanda Hunt watercolour2 Amanda Hunt watercolour3Amanda Hunt watercolour4One of my favourite things is collecting an array of ‘treasures’ whenever I go out into God’s creation. I particularly love seedpods, feathers, shells and sea glass but if ever I see any sort of fungi or specifically, mushrooms I have to take about a thousand photos of them at different angles. The same applies for insects that seem unusual (not that I’m a fan of getting too close). This week’s theme of texture really worked for me as I was able to play around with some of my collection. I think I might have a second go at this and create a few more still life watercolours. So. Much.Fun!!

I have also put each image from the 52 week illustration challenge into my RedBubble shop. I love the way that these look on a variety of products in there so I had to show you. They seem to be a little blurry seeing as I captured the images on my phone but you can see the real deal here.

FullSizeRender_1 1 (1) 1 (2) 1 (3)Our art class went well this week although we were down in numbers but those that came really seemed to enjoy what they did. Teaching art feels a bit like revealing secrets to people who thought art making was a mystery. Sure, skill comes into it but I love how surprised students get when they realise that they have done much better than they thought they did. I probably should have gone and done my art dip ed and become an art teacher but hey, I’m really enjoying teaching for free to adults and next term….kids!

IMG_5299Finally, I added last week’s image from the theme, coffee to the shop. Its available as a variety of products but I think it makes a great card:

FullSizeRenderThat really was fun to make, staining the paper with coffee, the original smells pretty good too!

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit


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