Trail Notes March 17

How was your week? Mine was very busy with filling up my storage area with paintings ready to sell! I have been really focusing in on my theme of journey and as the week went on, the work evolved into something quite different. Before I get to that though, here is the painting I started as a warm up for the week, nothing really to do with journey but I enjoyed working on it:

Amanda Hunt ballerina40cm x 40cm Oil on Canvas. Ballerina

Once I was warmed up I was able to hone in on the current them of my focus with the following paintings completed:

Amanda Hunt trail30cm x 15cm Oil on Canvas

Amanda Hunt walkAmanda Hunt walk230cm x 15cm Oil on Canvas. Here you can see the progression as I painted.

Amanda Hunt peekAmanda Hunt peek240cm x 45cm Oil on Canvas. Again showing the progression of the work.

The piece I ended the week with was the following and as you can see its very different to everything else I have been doing. I love the direction this one is taking me and plan on experimenting more with these. This is not yet finished and a figure will be added:

Amanda Hunt tempest

25cm x 51cm Oil on Canvas.

Here is a shot of my storage area after the last two weeks of painting!


The exciting adventure on today’s trail however is that I took my artwork ‘Together’ to submit to the Gallipoli Art Prize in the city.  I am nervous now that I’ve seen some of the other works entered but even if my submission is not selected I am happy that I had a go. I can always enter it into another prize if it does not get through and besides, there’s always next year. I will know in a couple of weeks if my submission made it to the final round! Here is a reminder of the work I’ve entered:

Amanda Hunt war

Finally, today after we delivered the painting we set off to the State Library of NSW to see their current exhibition ‘Artist Colony: Drawing Sydney’s Nature‘. They have put together a selection of hand painted botanical drawings from the early settlement of Australia. The drawings and paintings are amazing to see in person and of course we were able to view their other exhibitions while we were there too:



FrameMagicThose are the sketchbooks of Streeton and Von Guerard as well as two others!!! Very exciting to see.

Overall this was a great week along the trail. I have discovered a slightly new direction in which to follow and am excited about what that might bring. I am looking forward to getting these new painting up for sale on this website in the next couple of weeks!

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit


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