Trail Notes March 23

This past week had a few extra things in it which meant that I had to use my painting time wisely. The first thing I did this week was photograph and edit some of my paintings to put on this site for sale. You can find them here. I am going to be adding more works as I finish them and have a few which are still drying but are almost ready to go!

I then got to work in finishing off this painting:

Amanda Hunt GoI had a great time playing around with a different sort of method which involved my palette knife. I was inspired to continue with this style and started a new journey painting which is not yet completed:

Amanda Hunt plantThere are a few issues to resolve in this one but that’s half the fun of painting, solving the problems that crop up! Here is a closeup:

Amanda Hunt plant closeupAfter these my time at the easel was getting shorter so I decided to do a few smaller paintings which will go up for sale on this site eventually. This time I used my chickens as inspiration (veering away from the ‘journey’ theme a little):

Amanda Hunt chickens

Amanda Hunt chickenscloseupCloseup of the chicken!

Amanda Hunt chickens sketchDry brush sketch to get the image down.

Amanda Hunt chicken I really enjoyed painting chooks and plan on painting a few more to sell.

At this point we went away for the weekend so there wasn’t any more art related time to be had. Today I was able to focus in on getting my paintings ready for the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Works are to be taken to the showgrounds this weekend coming so I spent today varnishing some works and preparing them for that. I have also discovered that Camden has their own art prize and am planning on entering that one!

I did do some painting today. I reworked this one that I did last year. I was never happy with the colour or painting style but seeing as this fits in nicely with the ‘journey’ theme I decided to go back into it again as I thought I knew how to bring it to life. Here is the before and after of this one:


Amanda Hunt car1After

I still have a small amount of work to do on this but finally I am liking it for the first time!

So that was the last week in my artistic adventures. I am pretty happy with the work done considering the extra things we had on last week.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit



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