Trail Notes May 12

Amanda Hunt 5This week on the trail I seem to have had less painting time than usual. I did so some (below) but a highlight for me was what we went and saw on Mother’s Day. We drove up to the Blue Mountains and visited the Norman Lindsay Gallery and Museum. We have driven by that brown tourist sign pointing the way to there many times and finally we managed a visit. It turned out to cost $30 for a family of four and a lot more if you are on your own.

I was only really familiar with Linday’s ‘The Magic Pudding’ and my girls were looking forward to seeing the room of related images. However, the majority of his work relates to greek mythology and there are many many nudes. I must admit that we weren’t expecting that! We got to tour his painting studio as well as the etching studio, both of which were fascinating!

Amanda Hunt 4Amanda Hunt 3Amanda Hunt 7Look a little face on the palette!

The Magic Pudding room was not full of his original sketches but prints of his watercolour characters. I would have loved to have seen the originals;

Amanda Hunt 2I did get some painting done this week. I’ve been working some more on that portrait I started last week and have gotten closer to finishing the eyes:

Amanda Hunt 8I also did a bit of mucking around with the charcoal and art graf sticks again which was fun:

Amanda Hunt 6While we were up in the Blue Mountains we dropped into Springwood which is down the road from the Norman Linsday gallery. I was very happy to find an excellent art supplies store there and will plan to drop in to take a look every time we go past. I found things in there I haven’t seen in other stores:

Amanda Hunt 1That’s a black canvas there! I also got some boards with thick edges to paint on.

So, this week overall was good. I had a fair few interruptions and had much less painting time.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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