Trail Notes May 19

Hi, how was your week? I had a bit of an ‘injury’ week with a few niggles but art wise I managed a few interesting things.  At the start of the week I photographed some more work and listed them on ArtFido. You can find a total of seven paintings for sale here.

I then started working on my current portrait of a sad lady but soon found that I was overworking her and set her aside for a while. This is as far as I got and I’m not too happy with her just yet:

Amanda Hunt sadlady Amanda Hunt sadlady2Anyway, I was hesitating showing her on here as she’s not looking that great as yet but this blog is about my journey which includes the difficulties and the challenges. I’ll work more on her sometime soon.

My hubby showed me a great little clip which I will include below. For a while I have been trying to work out the answer to the question ‘what to paint?’. I don’t want to focus on aesthetic pieces all the time, I want there to be some meaning behind the works. After watching this clip my question changed from ‘what to paint?’ to ‘What do you want people to think about (when they see your work)?’. This really helped me to come up with a concept to work with. The concept continues the idea of ‘journey’ and ‘pathway’ with the added aspect of Scripture. I might explain more fully in the coming weeks. Here’s the clip:

Engaging “Tenacious Convergence” from Fuller Theological Seminary on Vimeo.

Seeing as I had worked out that much I decided to go back to a work that I had put aside a few weeks ago and completed it fairly quickly. Its amazing what happens when your aim is clear. This one of a rainforest pathway is finished:

Amanda Hunt rainforest1Not the best photo, sorry!

Amanda Hunt rainforest3

Amanda Hunt rainforest2

On Friday hubby and I went off to Bundeena to explore and I took my oil paints with me. I haven’t done a lot of plein air painting so I thought it was high time. I will do a whole post about the experience bu for now, here’s me painting:

Amanda Hunt pleinair7

On our way to Bundeena we dropped by a house where I managed to score  a pile of Art magazines for free (via Freecycle). Included are the AGNSW’s ‘Look’, ‘Art Monthly, an educational booklet on Pissaro and a few Sotheby’s and Christies catalogues. Each of those have fantastic images in them for reference.

Amanda Hunt magazines

Overall it was a busy week on the trail. I hope your week was a good one!

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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