Trail Notes October 27

Phew! I almost didn’t make it again this week. My plan to jot down my trail notes on Sundays was thwarted by the fact that I spent the whole of Sunday at the Cruelty Free Festival where my artwork was in the show. So, here I am writing Sunday’s post with Monday’s date on Tuesday! The last week was as art-busy as ever between school functions and other extra bits.

Amanda Hunt limbo

The first work I spent time finishing this past week was this one, an 18″ x 24″ painting called ‘Limbo’. It sits nicely amongst my Journey Portrait series of which there are six painting now. Here’s a shot of them all together.

Amanda Hunt journeyportraitsAfter that one was completed I tried a method of painting I’ve seen online by the amazing painter Ros Psakis. I like her method and I think I’ll use it in the future. This is as far as I got on this one between other things.

Amanda Hunt sprinkler

This week I had three visitors to the studio, two were my girls and one was my daughter’s friend. They were all quite happy to be sitting in my studio making their own creations. I had the opportunity to teach our art class at our church this week again. We were low in numbers but the ones who did come had a good time. I’m hoping to advertise it around a bit more from now on.

1 (3)IMG_2171Two big art related things for the last few days have been my day (as mentioned) at the Cruelty Free Festival and many hours putting together a catalogue of my work. The festival was very well put together and promoted looking after our animals. It was very much a vegan festival so I learnt quite a few new things. I decided to spend the whole day there as it wasn’t worth my traveling there and back twice. I enjoyed seeing the other artwork on display and even sat in on a couple of vegan cooking demonstrations! I did not win or sell anything but I’m sure the exposure and experience were worth it.

2 (2)Preparation for the Art Show, varnishing, labeling, attaching hanging things and signing.

1 (4)My four chickens and a duck on display. Being a heritage building (at the Australian Technology Park), they were not allowed to hang work on walls.


1 (1)

IMG_2172I will be printing a few copies of the catalogue as professionally as I can afford with the help of my parents who are printers! Thanks Mum and Dad! There are around 40 images in the catalogue and it includes work from the last 2 years, all in oils. I am hoping that I can give these out to galleries when I have connected with them or have these available to show whenever asked. There are prices on the work that is for sale in the catalogue.

So, this has been a busy week with painting, lots of computer time and time spent at a festival!

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit



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