Trail Notes September 1

Hello everyone! This past week I have been focusing on finishing off my duck and chickens for the Cruelty Free Festival Art show which is on in October. We also drove to Kiama and back, twice this week. Once to take my daughter and my artwork to the Kiama Art Society Exhibition and once to go and see the actual exhibition itself.  Here’s a few shots to summarize the week.

Amanda Hunt chook3Amanda Hunt chook2Amanda Hunt chookAmanda Hunt chook4I worked on these three works this week, the bottom one is obviously a WIP. I’m not quite done with the rooster in the centre either.

Amanda Hunt kiamaMy painting at the Kiama Art Society Exhibition. I really must work out a way to frame my work. I will have to do it myself as I can’t be spending any more family money but I don’t think its too difficult, I just need the tools!

While in Kiama on Wed last week we discovered a cute little shop called Quirky Cow Gifts and I picked up these for studio inspiration:

Amanda Hunt signsI love that it talks about Journey seeing as that’s one of my own topics.

At the start of the week I had the strong urge to get myself organised. I did a proper inventory of my works which will eventually all go into my Etsy store (which is currently empty). I counted 27 works of different sizes and themes which are sale-able.

Amanda Hunt inventoryWith two trips to Kiama and back there wasn’t much time for other art adventures but I was very proud of my daughter who also put in a painting for the show.

“The road goes ever on and on”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

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